Tambara Lavender Park: A breathtaking sea of lavender in Eastern Japan

Look at a stunning, purple sea of 50,000 lavender in bloom on the Tambara Lavender Park, which is easily accessible by bus or train from Tokyo! The park provides lavender-picking classes as well as lavender-infused treats and a variety of kinds of fragrant souvenirs.

Summer Fun! Go to a Lavender Field Near Tokyo

You may have seen images of the breathtaking and incredibly famous Furano situated in Hokkaido recently, as the vast fields of lavender transform into a fantastic sea of purple in the summer.

Despite its stunning beauty and appeal, for many, it’s not an easy task to take an excursion into Japan’s northwestern Hokkaido region to view the breathtaking beauty of nature. But there’s a stunning lavender park just a few miles from Tokyo!

Tambara Lavender Park: A breathtaking sea of lavender in Eastern Japan

It is located within the Tambara Highlands of Gunma Prefecture; the gorgeous Tambara Lavender Park is transformed into an ocean of lavender in the summer months between mid-July and mid-August.

The Tambara Highlands is a hugely popular summer destination for those who reside in Tokyo. Because of its altitude and the high altitude, the average temperature in august is around 25°C (77°F) and is 5°C (41°F) lower than Tokyo metropolitan region.

The park is not just stunningly beautiful; it also has unique and highly Instagrammable lavender-flavored treats that can’t be found elsewhere! They have their own purple soft-serve ice cream with lavender, lavender scones, and even cold lavender Ramen featuring purple noodles!!

Visitors can also buy original lavender-based items at the park, like soaps, essential oils, hand and lip creams, room mists, and potpourri.

The park also has the popular lavender-picking activity, which allows visitors to select and take home a bouquet of lavender to make potpourri, or dried bouquets.

A variety of other flowers bloom in the park as well. Visitors can enjoy stunning gardens of hydrangeas, sunflowers, and other flowers.

If you are in the Tokyo region until mid-August, make sure you go to Tambara Lavender Park for a fantastic day of enjoyment outdoors!

Address: Gunma, Numata, Tambara Highlands

Park Open From 9th of July to 21st of August

Site: https://www.tambara.co.jplavenderpark/


Source: Matcha

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