The Japanese Twitter Goes Crazy Over This Squirrel at Tokyo Zoo (Viral)

Every animal are cute on varieties of perspective. Squirrels aren’t supposed to be sexy, but this one in particular in Japan has definitely made everyone confused with a “sexually provocative pose.”

The picture of the squirrel, which is a resident of the Squirrel Trail section at the Tokyo’s Inokashira Park Zoo, was shared online by Japanese Twitter user @boblim1204, according to SoraNews24.

It managed to receive more than 138,000 likes and over 45,000 shares as of the time of writing. As seen in the image, the squirrel somehow manages to pull a rather provocative pose as it stands up on its hind legs and cups its own chest using its hands that seemingly produce cleavage.

It turns out that not all squirrels in the trail section have the same gifted buxom as the one that the Twitter user initially shared.

However, it’s quite likely that this squirrel doesn’t actually have firm breasts that produce its awe-inspiring cleavage. Instead, this could just be an optical illusion brought on by the way it placed its hands on its chest that puts its fur in a bunch.
Regardless, many netizens still think the pose is weirdly sexy. Here’s what some of them said, as translated by SoraNews24:

“She’s totally my type.”

“It is imitating a human woman covering her nipples?”
“She’s got kyonyu.”

“I bet she’s the guradoru of the squirrel world!”

“Or maybe she’s an AV (animal video) actress?”

“She reminds me of Disney’s Clarice.”

After witnessing the potential cuteness of squirrels, the Twitter user then decided to create an anthropomorphic character inspired by the animal that he proudly calls Shimada Arisu, which is a wordplay of shima risu, a chipmunk in Japanese.
Feature Image via Twitter / @boblim1204