There Is A Japanese Cat Shrine, And Its Monks Are Adorable

Almost every city and village in Japan has a local shrine or temple. Kyoto alone boasts over 2,000 temples and shrines. These shrines are visited by tourists and Japanese alike to honor the deities and pray for good fortune. One shrine in Kyoto is dedicated solely to cats, our favorite furry creature.

Full-scale Cat Temple Cafe

Nyan Nyan Ji, or Meow Meow Shrine in English, is a shrine for cats in Japan. It’s a place where cat lovers can enjoy all things cat-related. Visitors can even play with the monks who, as you might guess, are cats.

Each shrine has a monastic group consisting of monks and maidens living in monastic life with other order members. Monks share meals and pray in the temple together. You’ll be amazed to find out that the Meow Meow Shrine’s monks are cute felines.

As she interacts with her worshipers, the head monk, Koyuki, a white furry cat named Koyuki, sits in good grace before the altar. Koyuki’s grumpy smile and impossible stance instantly charmed her visitors. She quickly became a social media star and quickly became a popular trending topic.

Cat Monks

Nyan Nyan Ji, Kyoto, Japan-Advisor

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