This 7-Year-Old Skater Girl Is Shattering Stereotypes

Sky Brown is a 7-year-old skateboarder from Japan. She started skating at just 3 years old and can now dominate any skate park.

This pint-sized skating prodigy doesn’t care if the skate world is mostly dominated by older guys. She fearlessly throws herself into the sport and always has a good time. Wherever Sky skates, she’s followed by a wake of surprised voices asking, “Who is that?!”.

Sky’s mom keeps an Instagram account which features the seven-year-old and her little brother Ocean. Both kids can seriously shred and are addicted to surfing and skating. And the pictures and videos they’re mom takes are proof that you’re never too little to follow your dreams.

Sky’s mom also gives her fans a little bit of insight into Sky’s personality.

“This is easily her fav thing to do,” Sky’s mom writes referring to Sky’s talent for catching crazy air. “Having fun simply trying to get a little air, floating, content and free, this is where she is most comfortable.”

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