This Epic Jenga Tablecloth Trick By Japanese Comedian Thrills Netizens is Really Awesome !!

We know People are awesome but this japanese is extremely more than awesome. An international entertainer from Japan is winning the internet with his most recent stunt that has gone viral on social media. Kazuhisa Uekusa, who introduced his unique brand of entertainment to the world in this year’s season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” amazed his Twitter followers with another one of his one-of-a-kind acts.
Checkout This Twitter Post Video .This one got most viral in recent days with the awesome trick

In a video uploaded on Sunday, the 30-year-old performer demonstrated another variation of the old “Whip Off the Tablecloth Trick” by using Jenga, a wine glass, a tablecloth, some clippers, and his nipples. At the beginning of the half-minute clip, Uekusa is shown prepping his nipples for the challenging task before attaching the clippers.

He, whipped the tablecloth in a flash without spilling the contents of the wine glass.The clip has since been viewed over 4.6 million times, generating thousands of likes and retweets. It is worth noting that his Jenga trick is included in the “tablecloth stunts” he performed on “Britain’s Got Talent” in which he reached the semi-final round in May.

Before joining “Britain’s Got Talent,” Uekusa also performed on Georgia and Germany’s version of the competition. Let this Awesome man get more viral on social media.

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