This Is What Hospital Food Looks Like in Japan And It’s Incredibly Gourmet

We all know the stereotype about hospital food: it’s literally the worst kind of food on the planet. Think jello and food that generally looks and tastes like plastic.

Generally, that stereotype is true of most hospitals. But after Reddit user Jenkinsinjapan shared photos of what her food looked like while staying in a Japanese hospital after giving birth, the internet had to rethink that stereotype.

“The food I got during my hospital stay during labor and after giving birth,” she says of the photo series. “Sorry for the picture quality, it wasn’t my highest priority. Also, I completely lost my appetite while in the hospital and didn’t manage to eat most of the food, which was extremely upsetting!”

This food is straight up gourmet! Of course, perhaps the hospital she stayed at in Mito City, Ibaraki is an exception. Maybe all Japanese hospitals aren’t quite this swanky when it comes to mealtime.

This Is What Hospital Food Looks Like Japan And It’s Incredibly Gourmet

According to Jenkinsinjapan, this hospital, in particular, is known for the quality of their food. But still! These meals are mind-blowing.

“It was a little privately owned OB-GYN clinic, but the costs were mostly covered by standard insurance!” she says. “I paid some extra but what I paid was pretty standard for most hospitals in the area.”

Wow, we definitely know where we want to stay during our next hospital visit. The experience looks downright incredible.

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