This Japanese Diver Really Does Treat Fish Like Friends, Not Food

These days, with all the different animals people have as pets, it seems like any species could be man’s best friend.

We’ve seen people make strong bonds with creatures from bubbly, playful lizards to super cuddly baby elephants. As long as there’s a sense of trust between the two and they both show some sort of affection, any match could be a match made in animal heaven.

This match between a Japanese diver and a fish, however, really is something special. Hiroyuki Arakawa from the Tateyama Bay in Japan has been tasked with cleaning and securing a very sacred underwater shrine for many, many years now.

And along with maintaining the shrine, he’s also been maintaining a bond with a local fish named Yoriko. For over two decades, the two have recognized each other instantly, and Arakawa always makes sure to greet Yoriko with a kiss on his head, as seen at 1:29.

Even though fish have very blank faces, you can tell Arakawa is different to him as he doesn’t swim away as most fish would when a human approaches. As he does his work, the large Asian sheepshead wrasse fish swims right by his side, keeping him company in the dark depths of the bay. After all, there’s no bond stronger than that between a man and his fish!

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