This Woman’s Photos Of Japanese Hospital Food Are Real

Good food makes everything approximately 2,37 septillion times better. Yes, even giving birth. Recently, Imgurian jenkinsinjapan gave birth in Mito, Japan, and the hospital meals she had were so tasty, she just had to share them online. In the blink of an eye, her post went viral, leaving the entire internet drooling.

“My c-section wasn’t planned so the food I got wasn’t really pre-surgery food. I couldn’t eat most of it anyway!” Turns out, she just got served what most of the patients at the hospital eat on a daily basis. “The meals weren’t specifically for people in labour. I’m not sure pregnancy food restrictions still apply when the baby is on its way out!”

“It was a little privately owned OB-GYN clinic, but the costs were mostly covered by standard insurance! <…> I paid some extra but what I paid was pretty standard for most hospitals in the area.” She claimed that normally mommies have to pay about 30% of the total cost. Scroll down to enjoy the photos of those Insta-perfect meals. And if you need more proof that Japanese hospitals are just a step away from becoming high-class restaurants, read another woman’s testimony here.

This Woman’s Photos Of Japanese Hospital Food Are Real

Pancakes for breakfast 

Lunch while in labour

Post C-section recovery food 

First proper post-surgery meal

French toast for breakfast

Seafood pasta lunch

Afternoon snack

Evening meal

Japanese-style breakfast

Risotto for lunch

Afternoon snack

Birth celebration meal: starters 

Birth celebration meal: main course

Birth celebration meal: dessert

Soup for breakfast

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