Top 10 Famous Japanese Girl And Boy Baby Names In 2021

Just five years ago, parents would have flipped through a list that contained baby names to choose the best name for their baby. You can find everything on the internet at this age, and many couples have turned to their phones instead to look for their baby names.

On October 27, Recruit Staffing from “Recstu,” a free online Japanese baby naming app, presented a ranking of the year’s most popular names for boys and girls. The names on the list ranked high on views on the app between October 1, 2020, and September 30, 2021. On brackets, there are the rankings from the previous year, if available.

In 2021, the top ten girl names are as follows:

10. Haruna 陽菜 (7)
9. Kaede 楓 (new)
8. Aoi 葵 (4)
7. Reira 莉来 (new)
6. Koharu 心陽 (new)
5. Mio 澪 (3)
4. Ema 恵茉 (12)
3. Kokoro 心桜 (new)
2. Rin 凛 (2)
1. Tsumugi 紬 (1)

As you can see here, the top 2 names are still holding their position. However, it’s noticeable that names of flowers and plants are still trendy for girls.

In 2021, the top ten boy names are as follows:

10. Saku 朔 (new)
9. Minato 湊斗 (new)
8. Ren 蓮 (5)
7. Itsuki 伊槻 (new)
6. Hiroto 大翔 (13)
5. Ibuki 伊蕗 (new)
4. Gen 絃 (new)
3. Ao 碧 (1)
2. Hayate 颯 (2)
1. Haruto 陽翔 (new)

This year, the most common trend for boys appears to be names that finish in “to,” which may translate in kanji in a few different ways. The top selection “Haruto” and number six’s Hiroto both use a kanji for “to” that means “to fly” or “to soar.”

Shockingly, the anime industry names are not as popular for baby names as one would think.


Source: Soranews24

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