Video of Japanese airport baggage handlers’ amazing service fills rest of the world with jealousy

Baggage handlers have a bad rep. Some have been caught stealing from luggage while loading them onto the plane, while others have been seen manhandling suitcases during unloading.

While some passengers don’t mind it, as we all know suitcases are meant for tossing, others might be quite particular with the way their luggage is handled. But these passengers who flew with Japanese airline carrier ANA probably have nothing to worry about.

Facebook user Nihongo Wakaranai posted a video of two ANA ground staff unloading luggage from a flight at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan.
“Caught on film at the airport in Japan shows how the Japanese really treat your suitcase… often better than yourself,” he wrote.The 3-minute video shows the staff gently and meticulously arranging each suitcase onto the back of the truck to be transported to the airport terminal. There was no rough handling and a staff member is seen personally handing over a piece of luggage to another staff to load onto the truck.The video has since gone viral with over millions of views and Thousands of shares.

The online community praised the staff for showing respect to the passengers’ belongings, for taking pride in their work, and for showing good and caring service for others to follow.A spokesperson for ANA told AsiaOne: “We are thrilled to have our hard work recognised by the public.

“ANA is committed to exceptional customer service, we prioritize our passengers’ experiences at every step along their journey – from selecting travel plans, to providing award winning Five Star service onboard and ensuring luggage seamlessly meets our passengers at their final destination.

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