You Can Now Have the Most Luxurious Cry of Your Life in Japan

I think we all know that “a good cry” can be very good for your emotional health. Sometimes you just need to get it all out! But how much would you actually pay for a cry?

In Japan, women are willing to pay 10,000 Japanese yen per day (that’s about $85) to hangout in a special “crying room” and shed their tears in private luxury.

Mitsui Garden Yotsuya hotel in Tokyo offers these special rooms for women to help them combat stress.

The room comes complete with tissues, warm sheets, eye masks, and loads of sad movies and tragic Manga.

It seems a little weird, right? But think about it. If you’re having a hard day, couldn’t it be nice to be able to cry in a private place away fro, the stress of work and home?

I know that when I cry, I look incredibly pathetic and don’t want to see anyone I know. So I actually kind of appreciate this concept. But I don’t appreciate that it’s only offered to females. Do men not cry in Japan?



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