91-Year-Old War Vet Has Been Searching For His First Love, A Japanese Women For 70 Years

Duane Mann, 91, created a post on Facebook on the 1st of May, hoping to locate someone who can recognize the woman in the photo taken in 1953, who he believes is Peggy Yamaguchi. Mann says that he was in japan from 1953 to 1954. He ran into Yamaguchi during the NCO Club, in which he was an engineer for slot machines in his spare time. Yamaguchi was a “hat woman at check.”

Mann remembers having spent “a lot of time dancing and having fun,” leading the two to be in love and were in a relationship just six months.

They had even planned to tie the knot after three months. Unfortunately, the higher ups discharged Daune a couple of months early from his job. The 91-year-old claims he had no option but to leave her behind when she was pregnant.

After returning to Iowa in 1954, Mann found out that his dad had spent all the money he had saved. This meant that he couldn’t get Peggy to the U.S. Mann and Yamaguchi sent letters every week until, according to him that he stopped receiving them after around one month.

Still, after three months, he received another letter from her stating that she’d given up on the baby and was with someone else from Wisconsin.

However, he also eventually found out that his mother burned Yamaguchi’s letters “because she did not want him to get married to a Japanese.” He was “devastated and utterly confused” at that moment and was “completely shattered.”

korean war vet searching for his first love for 70 years

“I am not sure why I didn’t get violently angry. I’ve been slogging through the last 70 years looking for Peggy since the most difficult thing is that she may think I abandoned her!. I’ve been unable to shake this thought off and am now at the age of 91, and feel very sad because of what transpired.”

Mann stated that he did have no idea of Yamaguchi’s Japanese first name nor her potential husband’s name. He hopes that the Facebook post will reach someone related to her or someone who recognizes her.

korean war vet searching for his first love for 70 years

“I am hoping, with all my heart, that this post could be shared to the point that I could get in touch with Peggy or her family.”


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