Japanese Stray Cat Who Tried To Get Into A Museum For 2 Years Finally Found A Home

A couple of years back, an incident involving two cats trying to get into a museum had gone viral on the internet. This event took place at Onomichi City Museum of Art, located in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan.

Since 2016, their jokes have caught the attention of people across the globe. The cats have been trying to charm their way into museums. For Go-chan, it appears that he will finally take a leave from the museum.

Museum’s Twitter account used to keep everyone posted about Go-chan and Ken-chan’s activities; however, on the mid of May, the account posted hints suggesting Go-Chan’s farewell from the museum.


Don’t fret yet! Nothing sad happened to Go-chan. Instead, he has found a new home to be at, and he found someone to look after him!

Still, when he was about to leave, the museum allowed him for a brief moment, which was a bittersweet conclusion to his experience here.

According to the museum’s tweet, Go-chan was first introduced to the Twitter feed of the museum about two years ago to reach out to the owner of his pet.

Also, Ken-chan was a cat at the nearby restaurant; however, no one could claim Go-chan’s name until the current owner took him in.

Another cat visited the museum to sympathize with the staff after Go-chan left. However, she was not someone new to the museum. Kuu-chan, also referred to as the mother figure of Go-chan and Ken-chan, came to the museum to visit the staff. Kuu-chan supposedly lives in a nearby house and is a domestic cat.


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