Take A Look At This Rescued Cat and His Viral Supermodel Pose

One of the significant challenges cat owners face is getting their cat to stay still or move in as you wish to when you want to get a cute photo with them.

Rescued Cat posing

There’s a cat that lives in Japan known as Puusuke-Kun. He has attracted the attention of many on social media because of his stylish appearance. In a photograph shared by a rescue organization for pets named Lucky Star, Puusuke-Kun, a five-year-old cat, poses like a model.

Cat and Dog

In a cat-like swimsuit and looking directly into the camera with his legs gracefully crossed, Puusuke is undoubtedly taking advantage of the camera. Translated from Japanese, the photo caption says, “Is it necessary to be this cool?” and we think that the answer is likely “yes!” to Puusuke-Kun. The adorable cat has become so famous that it has nearly 40000 likes on Twitter and 7900+ retweets.

Rescued Cats

Puusuke-Kun is a rescued cat. It’s possible that his past wasn’t always beautiful. But, if this image is any indication, it’s clear that he’s living the best life at his furry home.



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