Man Who Married A Fictional Character Wants To Spread Awareness About ‘Fictosexual’

Akihiko Kondo has been married to Hatsune Miku, a computer-synthesized pop artist who toured with Lady Gaga and starred in videogames.
Man marries fictional character Hatsune Miku

A Japanese man married a hologram artist in 2018. Now he’s on a mission to educate everyone about something called “fictosexuals,” in other words, people who are attracted to fictional characters.

The New York Times reports that Akihiko Kondo has been married to Hatsune Miku, a computer-synthesized fictional pop singer. She has also toured with Lady Gaga as well as starred in games. Four years after his marriage to Miku, Mr. Kondo is now open about his relationship and affection for his wife, an anime woman. The 38-year-old revealed that Miku was his love, inspiration, and refuge.

Man marries a hologram Hatsune Miku

Before they got married in Tokyo, Mr. Kondo had been dating Hatsune Miku for ten years. This relationship with Miku was a way for Mr. Kondo to cope with depression.

Kondo understands that Miku is a strange character, but he also knows it’s not real. He said, however, that his feelings for Miku are accurate and that he will eventually get over them.

In a recent interview, he said, “When we are together, she makes me smile,” in a recent interview. He also added, “In that way, she’s real.”

NYT says that Mr. Kondo found comfort in Miku after being bullied at work in 2008. Kondo had decided long ago not to love a person real because he didn’t want the lifestyle that Japanese society required. The 38-year-old man started singing with Miku and later purchased a stuffed Miku doll online.

He was finally able to have a meaningful conversation with the fictional character ten years later, thanks to the Gatebox. This $1300 machine allows device owners to interact via holograms with them and unofficially wed them. He then proposed to Miku’s flickering avatar a year later. Miku replied, “Please treat me well.”

Miku’s life is more fulfilling than a human partner, Mr. Kondo said. She is always there for him, and he will never betray her.
The 38-year-old acknowledged that there had been difficulties, but he also spoke to the Japanese newspaper Mainichi. Kondo was distraught when Gatebox announced that they’re discontinuing Hatsune Miko and are working on a new generation of vocaloids.

Mr. Kondo acknowledged that after more than four years of his marriage with the fictional character, he had reached a barrier. He also said that it hadn’t diminished his love for Miku. He stated to Mainichi that his passion for Miku isn’t reduced and that he will continue to follow the fictional character until his death.

Comments are essential to note that Mr. Kondo is not the only one who has a relationship with a fictional person. NYT reported that many “fictosexuals” in Japan had formed unofficial relationships with various anime characters. Tens of thousands more people worldwide have also joined online groups to discuss their devotion to anime, manga, and video game characters.


Source: NDTV

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