A 66-Year-Old Man Arrested After 11-Hour Standoff After Shooting 2 Medical Workers

According to authorities, on Thursday night, a 66-year-old man attacked three health personnel visiting his residence outside of Tokyo, shooting two of them with a hunting rifle, including the doctor, who then was taken as a captive and later died in the hospital.

The 11-hour standoff ended early Friday morning when police raided the house in Fujimino, Saitama Prefecture, and detained Hiroshi Watanabe on suspicion of attempted murder.

Junichi Suzuki, 44, was identified as the murdered captive by officials. Another 41-year-old physiotherapist who was also shot is still unconscious. At 9 p.m., the three-headed to the suspect’s house on Thursday, ostensibly to express their condolences for the loss of the suspect’s mother the day before. According to investigating sources, they were responsible for the woman’s home medical care. The third healthcare worker is now in the hospital after being harmed by tear gas.

66 year old man standoff with police arrested

According to investigating sources, the suspect expressed dissatisfaction with the medical team’s mother’s care and demanded that they come to pay their respects.

Police claimed they discovered two hunting rifles at his residence.

After hearing loud bangs, a nearby household phoned the cops. Emergency personnel also received a report that two individuals had been shot.

11 hour standoff japanese man arrested

During the standoff, authorities spoke with Watanabe over the phone. They claimed that he made no specific requests, citing him as claiming the captive was “okay” and that “I’d like to assist him. Please come to his aid.” The authorities could not verify the hostage’s condition because they did not speak directly with him. According to neighbors, Watanabe stayed with his sick mother and had minimal contact with them.

“I got the feeling he was genuinely committed to caring for his mother,” a 74-year-old woman stated.

Local officials evacuated 110 adjoining homes on Friday morning as the standoff continued.

66-year-old man standoff arrested

A 19-year-old uni student living close reported hearing a loud blast while at home on Thursday night. He went to an elementary school identified as an evacuation location after being alerted of the event by a police officer and then to another site at a junior high school. “I was frightened. I needed to get away as quickly as possible.”

A 54-year-old guy reported seeing police vehicles aligned on a route. “I assumed it was a fire but was astonished to learn that people were being evacuated. It’s usually a peaceful place, “He stated.


Source: Kyodonews

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