Daiso The 100-yen Japanese Store Finally Goes Online

Daiso, Japan’s largest chain of 100-yen shops, stocks everything you need, including essential kitchen supplies and everyday necessities such as food and skincare, toys, stationery, and storage solutions.

It also sells camping equipment stationery, storage options, and seasonal home decor. You’ll be reaching out for everything you want but might not need without thinking twice.

But Daiso just got better! It is finally going online. The Daiso Net Store is a new online store that sells a staggering 30,000 products. The website is neatly categorized as hair and makeup and gifts, pets and gardening, bags and fashion accessories, shoes, travel, and raingear.

You can order from the online store to ship anywhere in Japan. However, you will need to purchase a minimum of ¥1,650. Shipping costs are Y=770 in Japan for most areas, ¥880 in Hokkaido, and ¥3,300 in Okinawa. Daiso will ship free of charge if you spend over ¥11,000.

Daiso Net Store offers a range of products called Threeppy. These are the most expensive selections, with prices starting at ¥300. These items include character items such as Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and Mickey Mouse, Bluetooth headphones, stainless steel water tumblers and lacquerware, and Bluetooth earphones. Threeppy products are not available in Yamagata and Aomori at the moment.

Be careful not to overspend though!

Sources: PR Times

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