First-ever Peanuts Hotel opens in Japan, and the rooms look amazing【Photos】

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Peanuts‘ publication debut in Japan, a new Peanuts-themed hotel has just opened up in the Japanese city of Kobe. And it seems fit for any Joe Cool and his sweet babboo. The Peanuts Hotel is a love letter like no other to the iconic comic strip, blending stylish, modern design with fun, beagle flair. While the hotel acts as a tribute to everything Peanuts, its main attraction is its plethora of Snoopy-themed rooms and amenities.

The 18 guest rooms are divided into three floors, with each floor revolving around a specific theme and each room based a specific comic. The fourth floor, “Imagine,” focuses on Snoopy’s wildly imaginative adventures as an astronaut, novelist, and famous WWI Flying Ace.

The fifth floor, “Happy,” channels Snoopy’s carefree spontaneity while dancing or playing sports.

And the sixth floor, “Love,” exemplifies the heartfelt love given for man’s best beagle.

In addition, the hotel features Peanuts-themed dining options, including a Peanuts Cafe on the first floor and a Peanuts Diner on the third floor. These food services offer special Peanuts Hotel foods using produce unique to the city of Kobe.

The prices for these rooms start at 300,000 yen, excluding tax, which amounts to about $270 U.S. per night. While this might sound a bit steep for a Japanese Peanuts getaway, the price does include breakfast at the Peanuts Diner. Currently, the hotel is booked solid throughout August and September, with the option for reservations for October and November opening August 20.

What say you? Is this the most stylish Snoopy has ever been or what? Comment down below which room or floor you’d love to stay in!

Hotel information
Peanuts Hotel / ピーナッツ ホテル
Hyogo-ken, Kobe-shi, Chuo-ku, Nakayamatedori 1-22-26

Images: Peanuts Hotel

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