Now You Can Get Your Own Studio Ghibli Soot Sprite Erasers

In Japan, the soot sprites in the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro are referred to in the Japanese language as ” Makkuro Kurosuke,” which is the result of “makkuro” meaning ” pitch black,” “Kuro” meaning ” black” and “suke” being a common last name for boys.

Despite their basic appearance, these huge-eyed dust dwellers are so full of personality that they’re as beloved as the more famous forest characters in the film, which is why you’ll be able to get a lot of them because of the Ghibli-licensed retail company Donguri Kyowakoku.

It’s called Kurosuke Keshigomu, which translates in ” Kurosuke Erasers” This new line of merchandise for characters is adorable and functional; however, due to their cute appearance, you’re likely to have a hard to use these items.

However, even if you don’t utilize them, they’ll make beautiful display pieces on your desk since they’re packed in a glass container that’s closed by a cork stopper.

Studio Ghibli Soot sprite erasers

The cork stopper is secured with a strip of tape. So if those spooky soot sprites appear and attempt to escape those dark areas of the space while you’re not looking, they will not be able to!

There are ten adorable erasers inside each bottle, measuring only 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) in diameter.

Studio Ghibli Erasers
The jar of sprites from soot is available for sale at 715 yen (US$6.28). Although they’re currently out of stock at the Donguri Kyowakoku online shop, they’re still available at a few of the chain’s brick-and-mortar stores.


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