Panasonic Offers 4-Day Workweek After Employee Suicide Case

Panasonic, the significant electronics Japanese firm, has announced a four-day workweek for interested employees. 

“We must support the well-being of our employees,” Panasonic CEO Yuki Kusumi told investors at an earlier briefing as reported by the media outlet.

Panasonic offers 4day workweek

Famous for its rigorous work environment, corporate life is a solitary experience in Japan is so harsh that death due to excessive work is not uncommon.

To improve the balance between work and life in Japan in the country, the Japanese government suggested that employers permit employees to work a 4-day work week, German radio station DW said in a report.

Panasonic’s Kusumi stated that the company is looking to promote diversity since some workers may have work or interests that are different from their primary occupation according to NHK, the broadcaster for public use.

Additionally, the company has been working towards more flexible working arrangements. This includes encouraging staff to telecommute and giving employees the option of deciding if they’d like to relocate to another city with no family members — a typical corporate practice in the United States, as the NHK revealed.

Around eight percent of Japanese businesses offer more than two full days off per week during 2020. Nikkei published, reporting on an annual survey.

In the US, the concept of a four-day week has been floated for years, but it’s still not feasible by many people.

This could be changing because the coronavirus outbreak is accelerating the race for talent Jackie Reinberg, a senior director at Willis Towers Watson, told Weller. After a test showed improved productivity and a better work-life balance, the online retailer Bolt entirely switched to a week-long workweek.


Source: BusinessInsider

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