IT Company In Tokyo Adopted 9 Abandoned Cats To Promote Staff’s Productivity and Office Efficiency

Cat lovers will take any opportunity to spend time with their feline friends. From offering all they own to their fur babies to sharing meals with their furry friends.

If you’re a cat lover, then you’d definitely want to work at this company because it is literally cat heaven! An IT firm, Ferray Corporation in Japan, adopted nine “office cats” to improve efficiency and promote a healthy work environment for their business.

Source: ABS-CBN

This partnership doesn’t just benefit the office staff in the firm. However, it can also provide the cats with a permanent home to receive affection and food throughout their lives. Due to the small space available in Tokyo, Many landlords do not permit residents to have pets. This causes the poor animals to be abandoned and cat lovers to find a sanctuary elsewhere, such as cat cafes.

Since the nine office cats have been “hired,” employees communicate more often in the office as they chat about the cats in a group. This has led to increased communication between officers.

Source: Kyodo News

The peaceful presence of cats that are always ready to cuddle is helping workers feel less stress-stricken in the workplace. As per Japan Times, office meowers and other felines love to chew on wires, run on computers, and tear off the paper.

But Ferray Corporation is willing to endure these minor inconveniences when it means being able to have the ability to have access to their cats all day, all seven days of the week.

Source: Thomas Reuters Foundation News

As per Japan Today, the pet-friendly policies of the company apply to everyone in the company, not just new employees. Employers are encouraged to bring pets along to work as well as employees are also offered a monthly incentive. Ferray Corporation pays an annual incentive of $42 for anyone with a pet who adopts a cat while working at the company.

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