Japan Is Finally Getting It’s Japan’s Got Talent!

We’ll finally get Japan’s Got Talent in 2023! That, too, with veteran comedians as judges!

However, the Japanese’s Got Talent announcement has netizens wondering whether Japan is ready for an international-style talent show.

Japan's Got Talent is finally airing in TV

“Got Talent” franchise is one of the most popular television franchises around the globe, and the show has been shown in more than 194 countries worldwide. There have been original spin-offs across 72 different countries since the show was first introduced in the year 2006; however, for extremely talented Japanese like Magician Keiichi, or Mr. Uekasa, the absence of a “Japan’s Got Talent’ meant they were forced to travel overseas to be able to perform on the Got Talent stage.

A recent announcement by Japanese streaming service Ameba TV means any Japanese stars who dream of appearing in Got Talent may not have to travel far since the Japanese version of Got Talent is finally becoming a reality.

Travis Japan Perform At America's Got Talent

Japanese Dance Group Travis Japan performed on America’s Got Talent recently.

The format for the Japanese version of Got Talent will be similar to other episodes within the Got Talent series; the hopeful contestants will show their talents before an audience of judges. If their performance is impressive enough, they’ll be able to go on to the next stage; however, if judges deem their performance unworthy, they’ll push their X-buzzer. And if all judges decide to buzz at you, you’ll be unable to move to the next round. The ultimate winner will receive 10 million yen (US$69,913) of prize cash.

Regarding who will be pushing the buzzers, the famous tart-tongued Masatoshi Hamada, best known for his part in the favorite comedy duo Downtown, is named one of the panel members. The rest are yet to be announced.

Hamada stated, “Each judge will have their preferences regarding what they believe is entertaining or enjoyable. However, I’ll be intrigued by anything that makes me think, “Oh! I didn’t know I would be able to see this!”

While Hamada seems thrilled, Japanese netizens aren’t necessarily giddy about what’s happening. In a society similar to Japan, where people attempt to prevent conflict through non-direct words, Many wondered if there was a Japanese rendition of the cult show that could generate the same kind of intense emotions.

JAPAN’S Got Talent will be broadcast in February 2023 on Ameba TV. While you wait, you can be entertained by watching the many talented Japanese artists who appear on other versions of Got Talent, such as Travis Japan.

Update: All four judges have been announced on the tweet below. 

Source: Soranews24

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