Japanese Toilet Paper Company Files Complaint Against Its Rival For Selling Longer Rolls

Three times longer toilet paper rolls were trademarked by a Japanese company.

There are relatively few standout traits when it comes to toilet papers. Rolls from competing manufacturers that each claim to be fluffy but sturdy can resemble one another. However, a significant Japanese producer of toilet paper rolls deemed the rival’s roll as identical.

Japanese toilet paper company gets sued

Nippon Paper Crecia, a manufacturer of triple-length toilet paper in Japan, announced on Tuesday that it was suing a competitor for marketing rolls that it claimed were identical to its invention.

The business has been offering 75-meter triple-length rolls since 2016, promising to reduce the customer time changing toilet paper.

In April, its rival Daio Paper Industries joined the triple-length bandwagon and began offering rolls that were both the same length and a little bit longer. However, Nippon Paper Crecia has charged Daigo with stealing its triple-length package and design.

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A spokeswoman told VICE World News, “We have attempted to resolve the matter through conversations with Daio Paper Corporation, but this has proven problematic. Therefore, we have chosen to bring this action.” Damages of 33 million yen ($229,188) are sought by the company. Upon being contacted for comment by VICE World News, Daio Paper did not answer right away.

Nippon Paper Crecia sells a lot of triple-length toilet tissue. About 35% of its toilet paper sales last year came from this roll. If it doesn’t lose consumers to its competitors, the business anticipates the figure to reach 40% this year.
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You may think that making longer rolls is an easy task. But doing so requires more than just adding additional paper to the cardboard roll.

The company developed comparatively thinner paper and tightly rolled it to make triple-length toilet paper rolls. However, doing so risks destroying the toilet paper’s embossing and sacrificing its softness and absorbency. The business attributes the lengthened roll’s softness and toughness—features that help it win customers’ hearts and bums—to its unique production processes.

Source: Vice

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