Japanese Latte Artist Creates Adorable 2D And 3D Art From Foam

The art of eating is a fascinating way to express your creativity, and latte art is certainly no exception. Latte artists create art every day that includes abstract 2D patterns to 3D designs that appear to outsmart nature’s laws while being tasty, artistic, creative, and extremely adorable in this particular case.

Japanese latte art Runa Kato

Runa Kato shapes the foam on your drinks to exceptionally kawai characters. The most recent of which caught our attention is a cute Slowpoke. The Slowpoke sits on top of the cappuccino with an abdomen so large that the spoon appears to bounce off it, stunning evidence of the quality of Kato’s work.

Japanese latte art Runa Kato

She began her Latte art four years ago and has now managed to create 100,000 plus variants of her latte art. Her impressive portfolio features everyone starting from Pikachu, Totoro, SpongeBob, and Spider-Man. Beyond just adding the occasional coffee-colored squiggle and a few fluffy foams, the artist makes you want to get your latte differently. Kato’s 3D Latte art is begging to be prodded and poked, while her 2D artwork is equally appealing for a photoshoot.

Follow Kato on Instagram or Twitter for more 3D and 2D Latte art that’s just too cute to drink, with the characters of Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and a myriad of other anime.

Japanese artist Runa Kato recreates adorable characters in 3D Latte art.

Kato began her career as a latte artist in 2018 and has since made more than 100,000 creative lattes.


Source: Mymodernmet

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