Starbucks Japan Introduces A New Halloween Themed Frappuccino

Finally, after 15 years of missing the Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks Japan has brought it back this Autumn in Japan. Not only that, but you can also get the special Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino right now!

And it doesn’t stop there! Japan’s autumn specialty, roast sweet potatoes, has become the star ingredient of this year’s limited-edition Halloween Frappuccino. It is a new twist on the old drink, which won’t disappoint you, as it’s full of pranks and mischief.

The Trick Frappuccino, however, is just the Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino in disguise. The new drink has the same base ingredients as the Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino, but it is darkened to made spooky with cocoa powder and purple-flavored sauce.

Image: Soranews24

The whipped cream can be topped with sweet potato-flavored sauces in both purple and golden so that you can enjoy the flavors of two different kinds. Or, if you’re looking for a unique touch, you can add a “Popping Topping” to your drink for an additional 108 yen ($0.95) or 110 yen to dine-in customers.


The Halloween topping is white chocolate-coated candy that explodes in your mouth. It’s available in four packaging options.

You can use the QR code included on each pack to access information about customizing your costume for Treat with Trick Frappuccino. The tall size comes at 678 yen for takeout and 690 yen if you dine in.

Image: Soranews24

The Halloween Trick Frappuccino will be on the menu till 31 October or until it sells out. Based on the popularity of this Halloween drinkware range might be sooner than you think. Get in quickly before this treat disappears!

Images: Soranews24

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