Japanese Man Arrested For Stalking Woman Through Bank Transfers

Stalking continues to be a widespread and terrifying experience for many, and as technology keeps improving, it seems to be increasing the risk.

Now, a more unusual method of stalking occurred within Hyogo Prefecture on the 4th of November, when an elderly man was detained after repeatedly contacting his victim via her bank account. The suspect has made a plethora of one-yen transfers within two weeks. 


Reports from police of the Hyogo Prefectural Police say the man first came across his victim, 39 years old, at her work. Somehow he was able to find her bank account and repeatedly made transactions that were mostly 1-yen (US$0.009) amount between the 11th and 29th of October. However, the total was not much greater than 100yen (US$0.88)

Every time he made a transfer, the suspect wrote a small message in the field of description like ” HANASHISHIYOU” (hanashishiyou), which more or less translates to “LETS CHAT.”

There were a couple of dozen transactions in all, and description notes comprised ” KANEKAESE” (kanekaese) or “PAYMEBACK.”

100-yen-bank transfers

After a few weeks, the man began engaging in other behaviors, including unexpectedly appearing at the victim’s home, and then she immediately complained to the police. The police were able to make an arrest quickly, and in the course of the investigation, the suspect admitted to having stalked her and said admitted that the reason he did it was that he “liked her.”

Since the bank statement could verify the infringement of the anti-stalking law, he is under criminal charges. However, it is believed to be the first case reported of a stalker snooping over personal bank accounts in Japan.


It’s clear that although people may utilize advances in technology to assist stalkers in their search for love, they are quite efficient in getting them caught in the act too.

Source: Soranews24

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