Japanese Woman Falls On Two Men While Watching Another Man Fall From Same Building

A strange but dangerous incident happened on a building in Yokohama that injured four people but could have gone fatally wrong!

During the early evening of 21st January, police got an emergency call about a man who had fallen out from the fifth floor of a building. He apparently fell in a reasonably narrow space between two adjoining buildings, in addition to his height.

Japanese Woman Falls On two men

On the same building, a woman noticed the falling guy and peeked out of the window to observe what happened. However, she lost her balance and fell out as a result. At the exact moment, another man was peering through a second-floor window to observe what had happened.

While another man in his 30s was peering through the second-story window, the lady who fell out of the third-floor window struck the guy in the head. She then slammed into another man in his 30s who was on the ground.

Japanese Woman falls on two men

Everyone involved in the accident will survive, according to the doctors, with minor injuries. However, The guy who fell the first has fractured some bones. Since everyone is aware and in good health, detectives rely on their testimony to determine what transpired.

Readers of the news online exhaled a sigh of relief, but they couldn’t help but marvel at the utter randomness of the event.

According to the clip, the man’s fall was slightly softened by the wires along the gap. Details on what caused it are still vague, although sources suggest it was an accident. If this is the case, it serves as a warning to be cautious at high places, not just for our safety but also for the protection of others.


Source: Soranews24

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