Japanese YouTubers Make Open-World Games In Real Life Videos In Shibuya

Have you ever played open-world video games like Far Cry, Grand Theft Auto, or Watch Dogs? If you have, you’ll know how much fun it is to walk around a vast metropolis and beat up dodgy guys.

Komazawa Isolation have tried their own take on real life open world game where they replicate everything common in open world video games such as walking animations, interactions, sprinting, cutscenes and so-on.

They call this series the ‘Grand Theft Gotoku Solid – Shibuya Chronicles.’ They use some special camera and make actors recreate the scenes and add fame-like sound effects and animations. But, as impressive as the concept and production standards are, we can’t take our gaze away from Shibuya‘s deserted streets. Under normal conditions, this project would have been significantly more challenging to shoot.

Hayaken, the protagonist, awakens outside Shibuya Station with a headache and no memory of getting there. Even the famed Scramble Crossing in Shibuya is quiet, and the typically crowded Hachiko Square has only a few people in it.

Even though everyone Hayaken meets and fights with is a part of the project, a few curious observers, including a couple of local officers, are gaping at his not-so-realistic motions.

As any modern triple A title would have, their videos also feature English Subtitles. All four episodes of the series are out! Check them out, and do tell us if your thoughts.

They’ve also recreated games like Biohazard and Watch Dogs too!


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