Japan’s Towers Glow In Pink For BTS Jin’s Brithday And Mob Gathers In The Street For Photos

Last month, Jin of BTS had the most significant birthday celebration in history. He received 50,000 people who congratulated him personally with three special projects and made the Jingle Ball his birthday party.


Jin also had many birthday projects around the world. A few buildings in Japan blushed in pink for Jin, and the five most significant buildings of Russia were shining with Jin’s visage and dozens of LED ads.


Jin’s attractive face was getting lots of attention on giant screens all over the globe. Not to mention the millions of fans in every country.

A Japanese blogger was filming casually around Tokyo when he was in awe by Jin’s AD’s large crowd in the middle street. Everybody was filming Jin’s perfect face on the giant LED screen. The vlogger himself wasn’t a big BTS fan but, he was surprised to see one AD get so much attention.


Source: Allkpop

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