Osaka Residents Are Getting Mysterious Cash Envelopes In Their Mailboxes

A series of strange incidents took place in a residential area of Asahi District Osaka City. Some randomly selected residents found cash envelopes in their mailboxes out of the blue.

Cash Envelope Osaka Mailboxes

Reports claim that the mystery money first appeared in October when a resident received a brown envelope with no markings. It had been left in their mailbox. Soon, the surprise cash gifts began to appear in other neighborhoods.

The cash delivery was concentrated in one street in the area. Money appeared in postboxes on both sides of the narrow street. These envelopes contained cash ranging from several thousand to more than 10,000 yen (US$87.59). One resident claimed that they were given an envelope with a 10,000-yen note, three 1,000-yen notes. This is equivalent to US$113.86.

Osaka city

Residents then called the police and, after an investigation, they confirmed that this cash bonanza gave more than 200,000 yen ($1,751.81) to different residents. Legally, the police have given full authority of the cash to the people who received it, and they don’t need to report it unless they suspect or find something malicious. But still, Japanese being Japanese, many of the residents felt uncomfortable receiving cash out of nowhere, so even if they were grateful, they reported it to the police.

Mailboxes Osaka city

Authorities and residents aren’t sure where the money came from or why it suddenly appeared in their neighborhood. However, people online tried to solve the mystery and replied as if it was Santa handing out presents or if it was a prank from an annoying YouTuber to get their reactions.

Osaka city cash envelope

Despite all the theories on the internet, there’s a very small chance that we could uncover who was behind this. Unless the individual comes out themselves, it will remain a mystery.


Source: Soranews24

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