“There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48” claims ex-member of Japan’s top idol singer group

Being an idol singer in Japan is at least as much about the personality you radiate as the vocals you produce. Sure, idol songs may be almost invariably sweet and sugary, but the performers themselves are expected to be even more cheerful, cultivating the sort of earnest, plucky persona that attracts loyal fanbases. But every … Read more

Japanese First Female League of Legends Champion

Secondary school understudy Miyu Otomo has become the main female victor at the All Japan High School Esports Championship. In the competition, Otomo and her group contended in the round of “Alliance of Legends,” a well known multiplayer online fight field (MOBA) title. Utilizing the handle ShakeSpeare, the capable 17-year-old gamer won the top prize … Read more

Awesome Japanese Cosplay And Fetssh Designer Releases Bunny Girl and Nurse Hybrid Swimsuit

JAPAN| Cosplay model and designer Moira Design has been on a recent roll of producing “Sukumizu”, short for “sukuru mizugi” or “school swimsuit” in Japanese, with a variety of designs suited for cosplay, fun, and even fetish based on the classic design of swimsuits used at Japanese schools. In recent years they’ve helped create a … Read more

Japan Celebrates Year Of The Rat With Impossibly Cute Capybara Hot Spring

Japan’s Studio Ghibli stock wonderland Donguri Republic (Donguri Kyowakoku) have a huge scope of merchandise to suit any fan’s needs. Ghibli-enlivened dress, flatware, and even teas can be found, and like the movies, every one of their plans are reasonably beguiling. As of late the store discharged some wonderful character standing tickers, and now they’ve … Read more

Welcome Good Fortune with These Adorable Lucky 700 Yen Manekineko “Banknotes”

Regardless of whether you’re commending the start of another year and another decade, and wish to take an interest in the convention maintained in Japan (and numerous different pieces of Asia) of inviting favorable luck with propitious things, or whether you’re essentially available for a lucky trinket (or regardless of whether you simply love charming … Read more

Coca-Cola Japan Releases First Ever Strawberry Coke

At the point when Coca-Cola Japan isn’t enhancing their containers with wonderful cherry bloom names, they appear to present regular arrivals of “world firsts”, as they as of late did with the first since forever peach and apple seasoned Coca-Cola. Beginning January twentieth, they’ll be adding another first to their resume with the world’s first … Read more

Elderly Japan’s Workers Are Now Wearing Exosuits That Make Them Stronger

With the aid of high-tech robotic suits, more elderly Japanese workers are now taking on labor-intensive jobs previously handled by younger, abled bodies. Postponing retirement and continuing to work well into old age are not unusual things to do for many Japanese people. For a country with an increasingly aging population, Japan has depended on … Read more

Japanese YouTuber Invents Light Bulb That Flickers When a Couple Breaks Up

Japanese YouTuber Marina Fujiwara has made a gadget that squints brilliantly at whatever point somebody shares a separation post on the web. The gadget, which means to make single individuals feel better during the Christmas season, resembles a normal bulb associated with the web through a “connect,” as indicated by Fujiwara’s blog entry as deciphered … Read more

Woman in Santa Claus Dress is a Huge Part of Japanese Christmas

Much like the Holiday-themed parties and KFC chicken feasts, young Japanese women wearing Santa Claus outfits have become a staple of Japan’s Christmas tradition. Each year, models, idols and even ordinary cosplayers put on their best costumes which are loosely based on the classic Santa suit, Soranews24. Known as “Santacos” (“Santa” and “cosplay”), these adorable … Read more