SEGA Arcades Across Japan Being Rebranded As Genda Inc Acquires SEGA

After 50 years later fun and rage, SEGA is quitting the arcade industry in Japan.

SEGA arcades being rebranded

According to European Gamer, SEGA announced in 2020 that it would sell all the arcade it owns to Genda Inc., a brand of its games under the GiGo. In 2020, it was reported that SEGA sold 85% of its shares to Genda. However, SEGA has now shifted the remaining 15 percent in its shareholding.

As a child in the 1980s and the 90s, the arcade scene was pretty lively. Most cities had arcades of at least one form. Unfortunately, as time passed, there was a decline in arcades worldwide. Seaside arcades appear to be filled with slots and Graber machines.

SEGA arcades being rebranded in Japan

In Japan, the arcade culture has continued to thrive; However, the announcement that SEGA is selling all its shares in the arcade division signifies the end of a period. In SEGA’s view, at least. We hope that Genda Inc will keep the dream alive in Japan.

SEGA arcades being rebranded in Japan

For those of us who struggle to locate arcades with a retro feel in the vicinity, At the very least, something like that, the ones in SEGA’s Yakuza series can be a great way to experience virtual arcades packed with nostalgic fun. However, it’s unfortunate that many of us aren’t enjoying the thrill of going to actual arcades in the flesh.



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