10 Most Valuable Japanese Cars Brands

Japanese cars have reached the top of global auto rankings due to their quality and reliability. Toyota, Honda, and Mazda are famous Japanese automobile manufacturers that have won the hearts of motorists across the globe. The luxurious Lexus and the sexy Infiniti are among the latest and most costly models. There are many more Top … Read more

Carroll Shelby Tuned Toyota 2000GT Fetched 2.5 Million Dollars At Auction

When it comes to the most significant historical Japanese automobiles among Japanese cars, the 2000GT is at the top of the list. In the category of 2000GTs and Carroll Shelby’s former SCCA race car is among the most important historically. The tuned Carroll Shelby Toyota 2000GT has recently sold for $2,535,000 and is the first … Read more

10 Best Car Rental Services In Japan

Japan is a popular destination for travelers, but it’s often overlooked because of the high travel cost. It’s a great place to get to know and experience first-hand the best of both tradition and modernity.The most touristy places in Japan are a delight for the senses. You can have dishes that you might not get … Read more

Japanese Man Sells Car To Medicate His Cat But Gets Returned the Car For Free

A Japanese man who traded his old 1989 Toyota Supra to treat his cat’s illness received an exciting surprise as the vehicle buyer returned it to the owner to celebrate the cat’s healing. SoraNews24 mentioned that this Osaka man named Leiz at Yahoo! Japan’s auction website had listed his car of 32 years up for … Read more

The 10 best luxury cars Japan has ever made

luxury cars from japan

Japan is known for its compact, affordable cars, but it has also sold luxury cars comparable to European models. Japan had been making cars since the invention of the first automobiles in 1900. However, Japan’s growth in this sector was only possible after the postwar expansion in the 1960s. Exports grew exponentially. The brands also … Read more