Japanese Man Sells Car To Medicate His Cat But Gets Returned the Car For Free

A Japanese man who traded his old 1989 Toyota Supra to treat his cat’s illness received an exciting surprise as the vehicle buyer returned it to the owner to celebrate the cat’s healing.

SoraNews24 mentioned that this Osaka man named Leiz at Yahoo! Japan’s auction website had listed his car of 32 years up for auction at ¥ 2.7 million.

Leiz thought that it would be difficult to find a buyer. Still, a car enthusiast and a pet lover agreed to buy the car after reading that Leiz’s need the cash for treatment of his pet, who had feline viral peritonitis, which is a disease that comes from feline coronavirus.

The buyer, named ‘Masakoba”, agreed with Leiz to build a garage on his home to store the Supra and then sell it for Leiz in the future at the same amount he paid for it.

The transaction basically became an unpaid cash loan amounting to 2.7 million yen to a total stranger.

The cat of Leiz, Silk, has completed his therapy and is a healthy right now.

When Leiz began to collect funds to purchase his vehicle, Masakoba turned up at his (Leiz) home in the month of October with a reconditioned Toyota Supra.
Masakoba spent the past few months working on an extensive renovation of the car.

In keeping in contact with Leiz following the sale and after learning that Silk had recovered, Masakoba drove the refurbished Supra to the home of Leiz and then returned it to Leiz to celebrate the cat’s improving health.

Masakoba had a plan to take the car back to Leiz before the time Silk’s treatment was completed; however, the restoration process took a lot of time. It got finally done late in the month of September.

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