Narita Airport Has The World’s First Capsule Hotel Within An Airport

Are you in need of a nap before you fly? Airports have couches and chairs with cushions; however, Narita International Airport is a bit more comfortable in its hotel in the airport. If you want to rest well, you can stay in the airport capsule hotels created by the famous capsule hotel chain for nine hours. This hotel … Read more

This Japanese Hotel Has A Beer Tap In Rooms And Offers Free 10-Litres of Craft Beer!

Japanese Hotel With beer Tap In Rooms

It’s always lovely to stay in the hotel and find that the facilities include an assortment of beverages waiting within your rooms. It could be a packet of readymade coffee, tea bags, or the available bottled water that will quench your thirst; these complimentary items are always welcome. However, there’s a place in Japan that … Read more

Japanese Women Pushes Her Son From 23rd Floor In A Suicide Murder Attempt

A woman was taken into custody Wednesday after allegedly pushing her son, who is nine years old, to the point of death from the roof of a Tokyo hotel, according to police. The police believe that the 47-year-old woman was attempting to commit murder-suicide that involved her son and 7-year-old daughter and herself by jumping … Read more