Narita Airport Has The World’s First Capsule Hotel Within An Airport

Are you in need of a nap before you fly? Airports have couches and chairs with cushions; however, Narita International Airport is a bit more comfortable in its hotel in the airport.

If you want to rest well, you can stay in the airport capsule hotels created by the famous capsule hotel chain for nine hours. This hotel at the airport located in Japan can make one feel as if they have been transported to space thanks to its stylish sleeping pods!

What’s so wonderful regarding this capsule hotel located in Japanese airport?

The idea behind this unique hotel experience is that throughout your stay, you’ll be able to complete the three essential steps: you require to recharge following a busy day showering, resting, and changing your clothes within nine hours. Seven hours of unwinding sleep and one hour for showering and changing. The hotel chain hopes you will start your next morning refreshed and rested after your stay in their establishment.

The capsules are made with no sharp edges, such as cocoons, to ensure guests feel comfortable and at home. The capsule offers a lot of security and privacy. It also has essential attributes like charging device outlets and an adjustable lighting switch.

Once you have checked in at the reception, guests will be given a bag containing slippers, towels, toothbrushes and sleepwear. Lockers are available to store your bags.

Shower rooms are equipped with conditioner, shampoo and body wash by the well-known SIZED brand. The airport hotel also changes its scent following the seasons, from the mint in summer and spring to the fig scent during fall and winter. You will feel rejuvenated and energized from your tiring fight after bathing there!

If you need to have a quick bath or nap before your next flight, you can visit the hotel anytime between 9 am and 6 pm.

This hotel at the airport’s serene exterior and minimal design Should be the top priority on your travel list whenever you visit Narita Airport. In the end, what else could you rest in the kind of bed that makes you feel like you’ve stepped off some spacecraft?

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