Japanese Lingerie Salesgirl Gives The Internet A Reality Check On Breast Sizes

“There is the tendency to misinterpret the size of one’s breasts.”

Japanese Twitter user @lingerie1108 is a lingerie salesgirl who is highly dedicated to her work and describes herself as passionate about offering customers properly-fitting undergarments more than everything else.

When she comes across a misinterpretation or delusion regarding female body shape, She finds it obligatory to clear things up. Similarly, we’re left with this tweet from her posting with two women in bras of different breasts sizes.

Japanese Women breasts sizes

So what exactly is @lingerie1108 trying to convey here?

Usually, people tend to imagine small sizes being a bit smaller than they actually are. In the picture on the left are what people imagine E cups being like; however, the actual E cups are the ones on the right.

The ones on the left are actually J cups.

According to @lingerie1108, many women think of breasts with an exact size as more significant than they really are. In other words, when they look at the breasts, the women estimate the size of their cup as more petite than what it actually is.

And why is @lingerie1108 trying to rectify this?

“There will always be men who won’t believe your size and ridicule you. They might tease you, saying that you measured it wrong, or saying that they don’t look like that cup size at all! But you women shouldn’t worry because the men who ridicule women based on their breasts size are the stupidest of them all.”

The expert opinion of @lingerie1108 regarding the subject has earned her a photo lesson with 18,000 likes and many agreeing responses such as:

I really want to spread this truth!
I’m G, but I’m embarrassed to think that it’s about C for men, so I can’t say the opposite.

Thank you for the information ☺

I’ve bought a type of B that I can wear because of my hobbies, but it’s bigger than I expected, and I got “What? This is B ???”

The last line refers to the tendency of the characters’ declared size of cups to reflect significantly larger breast sizes than what they actually are in reality. The basic logic is more or less “A and B cups are small, C and D are average, and E and above is big,” but the stylized nature of most popular anime series’ art design means that a character with an average-size-by-anime-standards chest generally has proportions that would be significantly bustier than average in real life.

Japanese women breasts sizes

Of course, anime isn’t the only media that allows men to gaze at breasts, which means it’s not the sole source of size myths. However, no matter the origin, @lingerie1108 suggests that if anyone accuses you of not telling the truth about your cup size, you shouldn’t even bother with them at all.



Source: Soranews24

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