Japan Lifts Its Travel Ban On Solo Tourists

Japan Travel Open

Last week, Japan loosened entry restrictions for foreign tourists by increasing the daily entry cap from 20,000 to 50,000. It was the latest step in a series of small steps towards reopening the country to foreign travelers. But now a more significant measure is on the horizon, with news that Japan will finally lift the … Read more

Japanese Prefecture Hires Ninjas To Promote Tourism

Why Is This Important? Because being a ninja was on every boy’s bucket list. Long Story Short Japan’s Aichi prefecture is hiring six people to be real, live ninjas. The job is more about performance art than stealthy killing, as their intent is to promote so-called “warlord tourism.” Long Story There was always something about … Read more

This Futuristic Luxury Train Takes You On A Trip Around Japan For ¥370,000!

The price starting at 370,000 yen per person could seem high for a train journey, but this luxury sleeper train is quite a leap over other locomotives you encounter. JR East’s Train Suite Shiki-Shima is a scenic sleeper train that takes passengers for multiple days of journeys around the most beautiful places in Japan, including … Read more