Take A Train Ride Through Magical Maple Tunnel In Kyoto [Video]

The two most beautiful seasons to visit Japan are probably in Autumn and Spring. Everyone will recommend you to see when the autumn leaves that are vibrantly colored. And among the best places to experience autumn in Japan, one of the top suggestions you’ll receive will be Kyoto.

The Eizan Electric Railway for Kibune (Image: Kyotostation.com)

There’s something breathtakingly beautiful about looking at the autumn leaves against the breathtaking scenery of Kyoto’s iconic temples and shrines. However, the main issue is that they can be extremely crowded in autumn as many tourists flock to the most visited sites for the best pictures.

But, if you know where you want to go, you’ll be able to take in some stunning views far from the crowds, and one of the sights that people from all over Japan are fascinated by is the Eizan Electric Railway.

Below is a stunning video posted on Twitter by Minato Fumituki ( @MinatoFumituki) of the train ride in Eizan Electric Railway.

In the video, we can see that the train’s driver intentionally turns off the lights just before entering the ” Maple Tunnel” and allows the passengers to take in the stunning colors in all their splendor. Fumituki claims they were extremely fortunate to get the car for themselves since they boarded the train just before the final trip of the day.

The “Maple Tunnel,” located in Kibune between Ichihara and Ninose on the Kurama Line, is truly unique at this time of the season, particularly when it’s illuminated during the evenings, from sunset until around 9:00 p.m.

During this time, trains travel through the lush “tunnel” at a slower pace than usual in the daytime and at night to ensure that passengers experience the year’s spectacle.

With the above video receiving more than a million views in just a few hours, This train trip is one that people are marking their calendars for the coming year. As with all things magical, this one is accessible for a short period from 6 to 28 November of this year.

A trip through the Eizan Electric Railway is a unique way to experience fall leaves from Kyoto. It’s a trip you will not find in many travel guides, so make sure to plan your schedules in the coming year!


Source: Soranews24

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