The Hellish Story Of Junko Furuta; 44 Days Of Torture

This is a true story that will leave you devastated. The chilling tale is about a 17-year-old Japanese girl named Junko Furuta was abducted, raped, tortured, and then killed brutally by four teenage boys after 44 days of torture in 1988. Her body was found inside an unfinished concrete drum after the murder, dubbed “the “concrete-encased teenager’s murder case.”

It is impossible to imagine Junko’s agony in the final 44 days of her life. In addition, the shocking fact that four high-school boys were involved in these horrific acts of violence was horrifying and dreadful!

In 1988, Junko Furuta, age 17, was a high school student of Yashio Minami Saitama. Like every other student, Junko had her own goals and hoped that she wished to achieve them. She got along well with her friends and classmates. She was a clean girl and did not drink, smoke, or partake in drugs.

Her personality also matched her looks. A fellow student, Hiroshi Miyano, showed interest in her. He approached Junko to propose, but Junko rejected him straight away. Hiroshi was unable to accept her rejection, so he decided that he would get revenge on Junko.

Here’s the story of what transpired:

On the 25th of November in 1988, when Junko was returning to her home on her bicycle, a stranger crashed into her and made her fall. Miyano came to her and tried to help her. But in a matter of minutes after that, and even before Junko realized what was happening, Miyano and his three buddies kidnapped Junko.

They took Junko to a house owned by one of the boys’ parents, threatened her to call home, and declared that she’d run away, was safe with friends, and not to look for her.

Then came the real torturing of the girl’s innocence. It is impossible to imagine the agony they brought to Junko or even the most horrific scenarios. The heartless men brutally abused Junko for 44 consecutive days. The boys kept her naked throughout these 44 days while more than a hundred men mauled her body more than half a thousand times.

If you knew all the heinous things they did to Junko, you’d question if these underage kids could devise such twisted ways to torture her.

They inserted bottles, scissors, a hot, flashing light bulb, grilling skewers, roasting knives, and irons into her sexual organs. Burned different areas of her body, too. They did not even think about it after cutting her breasts off. This girl even was made to eat cockroaches and consume urine.

That’s not all; they hung her from the ceiling and treated her like a punching bag. They made her sleep out on the balcony in cold winters and crushed her belly with dumbbells’. She faced their wrath from golf clubs and iron rods and was put inside a fridge.

Junko Furata

They made numerous wounds in her body using needles. The savage boys also burned the clitoris, genital hair, and eyelids with a cigarette lighter. They went as far as to bend her nipples using pliers. After suffering numerous injuries throughout her body, Junko could not stand up due to the pain. She had to wriggle downstairs to the bathroom.

However, she did manage to get ahold of the telephone once and tried calling the cops. Unfortunately, the boys found out before she could speak and cut the call. Those boys got extremely raged at this, pouring the lighter fluid over her legs and burning them. Now she could not even walk.

She had breathing problems due to blood clots, and her internal injuries prevented her from eating anything. If she tried eating anything, her body would just reject it and make her vomit. And the boys again beat her for dirtying their carpet.

Junko Furuta – Death

junko furata rest in peace card

She couldn’t even urinate after a month, and her eardrums got ruptured. Junko finally had enough and begged them to kill her. The culprits then proceeded to mutilate her body.

The boys continuously beat her with the iron bars. They then put lighter fluid on her stomach, face, and legs and burned her with the flames. The torture continued for approximately two hours. Then, later in the day, i.e., on the 4th of January 1989, Junko eventually passed away. Her body was cemented in an oil barrel and thrown away.ย 

junko furata's body cemented in an oil barrel

The most tragic part of the Junko Furuta tale is that the main culprit only got 20 years in prison while his companions got less than eight years of sentence. So all the culprits are already free, and three have again started committing crimes and returned to prison.

Miyano continues his gang activities and has involvement in many fraud cases but hasn’t served time. Jo Kamisaku kidnapped a guy who he thought was involved with his girlfriend and beat him up. He threatened that he’s taken someone’s life before and would again if necessary.

Shinji Minato had also attempted to kill someone for a minor argument and was caught. The results of this case are unknown, though.

People are still thinking of Junko in the age of Social Media.

It’s been over 30 years after this tragic incident that resulted in Junko Furuta’s tragic death. People haven’t forgotten Junko and her suffering and keep her in their prayers.


It’s depressing to realize that not much justice has been served for Junko Furuta’s horrific murder. The innocent girl had to endure a painful and agonizing death for not even doing anything.


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