The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes’ Hires People With Dementia So Every Order Is A Surprise

The last thing you want when you go out for a meal is to have your order messed up. You go to a restaurant so you don’t have to worry about anything and can simply enjoy your meal.
Well, at this restaurant in Tokyo, when you order something you may not end up getting it. But for the customers, they’re prepared for this and it’s all in order to bring awareness and understanding of people living with dementia.

The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes’ gets its name from a book called The Restaurant of Many Orders.
The restaurant was in a trial period from June 2–4 in Tokyo’s Toyosu district and employs waiters with dementia.

Mizuho Kudo is a food blogger who went to the restaurant to see what it was all about.
She started by ordering a hamburger.

Instead, she was brought gyoza dumplings — but it was still a great meal!
The waiters couldn’t stop smiling and were all having a lot of fun.

By knowing that your order will be mixed up when you go into this restaurant, it helps people be more understanding of people living with dementia.
It also shows that mental illness doesn’t have to hold people back.

Another restaurant is looking to be open in September for World Alzheimer’s Day.
This is such a cute way to bring awareness to mental illnesses!

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Source: Yahoonews

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