15 Most Powerful Pokémon Upto Generation VIII

Pokémon has been around for a long time. There are currently over 900 Pokémon species, and it is quite difficult to say which one is most powerful and which one is weakest. We can help if you are a Pokémon Trainer searching for the most potent Pokémon.  


Top 15 powerful Pokémon  

Everyone is acquainted with Pikachu and Charizard because they are the most recognizable and liked Pokémon. But you shouldn’t be surprised to know and understand that there are stronger Pokémon than them.


Whenever the topic for the strongest Pokémon comes up, Arceus rises to the top. Arceus is from Generation IV and it is said that Arceus created The Pokémon universe. Arceus is called as the most powerful Pokémon because it has the greatest base statistics among all the non-mega Pokemon.

arceus powerful Pokémon  

It can transform into any type. Judgment, Normal-type move made its appearance in Generation IV. It is Arceus’ trademark move. Arceus can also create Legendaries.  


In the second position, we have Mewtwo. But between Arceus and Mewtwo, there is a lot of disagreement on which one is the strongest Pokémon. Mewtwo is a legendary Pokémon with Psychic capabilities. If you are a pro player who knows all there is to learn regarding Pokémon then you know not to misjudge Mewtwo’s worth. 

mewtwo powerful Pokémon  

Mewtwo is the ideal Psychic-type attacker, with a maximum CP of 4,724. Mewtwo doesn’t seem to mind controlling the brains of the opponents or have any problems teleporting. Mewtwo’s abilities are on full display in the Detective Pikachu film, demonstrating just how powerful this Pokémon is. It can cover a hundred meters in two seconds and has a one-ton grip strength. But besides its diminutive stature, its mental fortitude has grown significantly.  


Rayquaza is a Hoenn region, Legendary Pokémon which can fly. But it cannot transform into other Pokémon. Rayquaza is thought to have existed for hundreds of millions of years.  


Legends mention about how the Reyquaza overpowered battle between Groudon and Kyogre and ended it. It has one of the most powerful attacks. Although it is 23 inches in height and weighs 455 pounds it can even fly. 


In Generation II,  a damage-dealing Flying-type ability was introduced. It was called Aeroblastasin. It is Lugia’s trademark move. Lugia is a Pokémon of the psychic and flying type. Flying Pokémon are particularly effective against grass. Lugia can make the seas calm or stormy.  


The strength of Lugia is so high as it can cause massive storms just by spreading its wings. Lugia prefers to live deep in the ocean to prevent any potential danger. 


It is a Ghost/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon. The Pokémon Platinum Version Mascot is Giratina. It is a member of the Trinity Trio, with Dialga and Palkia. 


In Generation IV, Shadow Force made its debut as Giratina’s signature Ghost-type move. These Pokémon are the main causes of demise for many people, the Pokémon is sometimes depicted as the deity of battle, famine, illness, natural catastrophes, and a great misfortune. 


Previously, it worked with a people’s ruler to protect the Galar region. It soaks up metal, which it then uses in combat. This Pokémon took a nap for eons in the form of a statue.  


Many have already forgotten about it because it has been sleeping for so long. Zamazenta is called Fighting Master’s Shield because it has ability to deflect any strike. It was both admired and feared by everyone. 


Zygarde debuted in Generation VI as a Legendary Dragon/Ground Pokémon. Along with Yveltal and Xerneas, it belongs to the Aura Trio. Zygarde has 95 SPEED, 95 SP DEF, 121 DEF, 81 SP Attack,100 Attack and 108 HP.  



Kyurem is a Legendary Dragon/Ice Pokémon that made its debut in Generation V. It is indeed a part of the Tao Trio, alongside Zekrom and Reshiram.  

Kyurem’s strongest move-set, Draco Meteor, and Dragon Breath have a Max CP of 3,575. It’s also a fantastic addition to be able to select between a physical and a elemental attacker.  



In generation 8, a Dragon or Poison Pokémon was introduced which is known as Eternatus. It is a gigantic, draconic alien Pokémon. Eternatus supercharges to a form called Eternamax Eternatus near the end of Pokémon Sword and Shield. However, there is no known method of obtaining this form in-game.Eternatus


Alakazam is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I from evolution of Kadabra. It has 271 attack,194 defense, and a maximum CP of 2887. Kinesis, Alakazam’s signature move enables it to reduce the accuracy of its enemies by twisting the spoons it holds.  



Dialga is a Steel/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon. It is the Edition Mascot for the Pokémon Diamond video game. It is Palkia’s natural opponent and a fellow of the Creation Trio, along with Gratina and Palkia.  


Dialga seems to become a fierce fighter who values the overall battle over the first aims. As seen in The Rise of Darkrai, its first response upon meeting Palkia was to participate in a massive territorial battle.  


Ho-Oh is a Legendary Fire/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation II  in game and in first episode on anime . It is the Pokémon Gold Version Mascot, as well as its revised adaptation, Pokémon Heart Gold.  


This Legendary Beast holds the position of Trio Master. It excels in specialized protection, but it also has respectable special attack and attack.  


Palkia is a Generation IV Legendary Water/Dragon Pokémon. It is the Pokémon Pearl Version Mascot. It is Dialga’s natural opponent.  


Spacial Rend, a Dragon Type came to the game during Generation IV. Palkia took charge of the ethereal seas to shape and define the universe.  


Groudon is a Pokémon of the Ground type that debuted in Generation III. Also known as Continent Pokémon, Groudon is responsible for continent expansion and land elevation. 


Groudon utilizes light and heat to form rain clouds and it also causes water to evaporate. According to the legend, Groudon created the land. It sleeps below in magma and, when it wakes up  it  causes volcanoes to erupt.  


Kyogre came to the Pokemon as a water-type Sea Pokemon during Generation 3. Also Kyogre can create massive storm clouds which cover the full sky and generate torrential rain.  


According to folklore, Kyogre is the Pokémon who expanded the sea by enveloping the land with torrential rains and massive tidal surges. This Pokémon enlarges the sea by bringing severe rains. It is capable of manipulating water.  

Those were some of the most formidable Legendary Pokémon, their talents destroying the Pokémon planet. Every Pokémon has a weakness, and they are no exception. But they’ve cemented their position as the most powerful Pokémon.  

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