4 Amazing Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix This July

We’re seeking ways to stay entertained inside during the summer. Netflix’s coming lineup of Japanese films and shows that will be released in July could make the perfect companion to your summer escape in an excellent air conditioner. The selection ranges from romantic tales of love to disturbing real-life crime shows. The new releases offer an array of new stories to explore.

My Happy Marriage

The story is adapted from the well-known manga series “My Happy Wedding.” The story is about Chiwa Takanashi, an incredibly hard-working woman who is enticed to enter into an arrangement to marry an individual named Hokuto Mamiya to settle her father’s debt. Even though their marriage was born as a result of convenience, Chiwa, and Hokuto begin to get to know and respect their relationship and slowly fall in love.

‘My Happy Marriage is a refreshing take on arranged marriages and will surely pull at your heartstrings. The book beautifully explores the notion that love can blossom in some of the most unlikely situations.

Burn the House Down

The protagonist Anzu Murata has been forced to forfeit her home along with her mother, who has been accused of arson. Now she returns many years later as a housekeeper. To prove her failing mum’s guilt, Anzu is determined to find evidence against her treacherous stepmother, whom she believes to be the perpetrator.

Featuring Mei Nagano as the main character, the suspenseful drama about revenge investigates the extent a woman is willing to go to safeguard her family. While Anzu faces her past, the viewer gets swept up in an exciting ride through tension and twists. This makes this brand-new Netflix original show a thrilling experience for viewers who love compelling and intense dramatic dramas.

Old Fashion Cupcake

Nozue, a 39-year-old office worker unhappy with his monotonous life, seeks refuge in a stunning location – a famous pancake restaurant. When he visits the place, the shop’s grumpy and cold older brother, Togawa, starts showing signs of respect and curiosity, bringing a splash of life to his dull existence.

Based on the well-known BL (Boys Love) manga created by Sagan Sagan, the series ‘Old Fashion Cupcake’ offers an enjoyable and warm look at a unique romance that blooms in some of the most stunning locations. Takeda Kouhei and Kimura Tatsunari offer a stellar performances with profound expressions and emotions in each episode.

Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case

The new film explores the sad and complicated investigation into the death of British tourist Lucie Blackman. In-depth interviews are conducted with Japanese police officers involved in the research; the documentary is a follow-up of the legendary Search 1 Select Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as they tackle many challenges to find justice for Lucie Blackman.

Directed by filmmaker Hyoe Yamamoto, this riveting series focuses on the challenges of detectives when they face pressure from the world and the sly culprit. Through revealing interviews and gripping recreations, the film not only focuses on one of the city’s most famous instances but also confronts viewers with more general inquiries about the implications of this incident and lessons for the coming years.


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