6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Kyushu And Injures 13

A magnitude of 6.6 struck the southwestern part of Japan on Sunday morning, causing injuries to 13 people, officials and local media reported.

6.6 Kyushu Earthquake Japan

The Tsunami warning came along with the quake after the sensors measured the epicenter of about 45 kilometers below sea level, some distance away from Kyushu island. The earthquake arrived at a little past midnight, about 1:08 am in the southern islands, according to the JMA.

The quake caused shaking across Oita and Miyazaki prefectures, which measured five to seven on Japan’s scale of seismicity, which can reach a maximum of 7; the agency reported.

According to the Yomiuri newspaper, thirteen people were wounded in the proximity, and two were aged 80 or older who suffered severe injuries, quoting local officials.

6.6 Kyushu earthquake Japan

According to NHK, numerous accounts of damages to structures, roads, water pipes, and buildings have been confirmed.

Fortunately, the nuclear reactors are safe on Ikata, and no abnormalities are seen for now. This plan hosts the electrical lines for Shikoku and Sendai Plans for Kyushu.

6.6 earthquake Kyushu Islands

“In the past, 10% to 20% of strong earthquakes were followed by a quake of the same level, so be aware of another quake of up to 5+ intensity scale in regions that experienced large jolts, for around a week,” the JMA said in a statement.


Source: Reuters

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