Japan To Reduce Quarantine Period To 7 Days From 10 Days For Close Contacts

Japan is reducing the quarantine period to seven days instead of the current 10-day period for those who have come into close proximity to someone infected by the coronavirus novel, PM Fumio Kishida said on Friday.

The 10-day strategy was previously revealed because of Omicron, a highly transmissible coronavirus variant that continues to spread quickly and makes it more difficult to sustain economic and social activities.

Japan Quarantine Period

In the case of essential workers such as medical personnel or police officers and children care and nursing care workers, the quarantine period will be reduced from six days to just five, using two COVID-19 tests, Kishida stated.

He said the decision was taken based on “expert opinions and the latest scientific research,” also noting that Japan has to find an appropriate balance between fighting diseases and sustaining functioning in society.

Japan Quarantine Period

The health ministry announced that self-isolation for ten days required for those who are attempting to enter Japan would be reduced to seven days beginning on a Saturday.

On Jan. 14th, the Japanese government cut the duration of quarantine from 14 days down to just ten days. Yet, the business community and other groups urged the government to reduce it even more by considering the characteristics of the new version.

Japan Quarantine Period

Based on its research, Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases has stated that the likelihood of developing symptoms due to Omicron is less than one percent on the 10th day following being exposed to Omicron, compared to just 5 percent on day seven.

Source: KyodoNews

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