Japanese Game Company Asks Employees To Take The Day Off To Play Elden Ring

Elden Ring was released on previous Friday, and it’s all over the internet. Many game critics are rating the game exceptionally well, so it’s natural for us gamers to want to play it on the first day.

Japanese Company announces holiday for elden ring release

So it must have been miserable for some 9 to 5 workers who’ll be busy all day on Friday can’t wait to go home and try it. And how can you stay focused on your job like that?

Pocket Pair is a Tokyo-based gaming company best known for Craftopia. It describes itself as an “open-world survival crafting game.” Craftopia was a standout at a gaming show last fall. “

Pocket Pair’s intelligent people realize that the Elden Ring’s release has become such a significant event that they have made it an “Elden Holiday for all employees.” Their official proclamation states that “staff cannot concentrate on work.” They are probably correct!

Japanese game company announces holiday

Even more remarkable, even though they haven’t declared Monday as another holiday, they stated that the employees do not have to come to work! This means that they’ll have all the remaining days of February to play Elden Ring.

However, this is not the first company to do so. A while ago, a similar VR-based Studio announced a similar workday off for their employees when Monster Hunter Rise was released, and they called it the Monster Hunter Holiday. It was a lovely three-day weekend. This holiday did not apply to the top-ranking executives.

While it is not yet clear if Pocket Pair will have the same schedule, the excitement in the Studio’s head makes me doubt that he’ll be working on Friday.


Source: Kotaku

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