Japanese Grandma Sews Granddaughter’s Ripped Jeans And The Reactions Are Adorable

The history of jeans is something people are regretting very hard. There were times when jeans used to be whole, i.e with no holes on them! Nowadays, too many people own a pair of ripped jeans. The truth is, they are downright fashionable and cool, but not everyone understands that. One Japanese granny had her heart broken when she saw the ripped pair of jeans from her granddaughter. And what does a granny do when something’s broken? She fixes it.

She gave the jeans a makeover, but her granddaughter was not mad at all. Her reaction will melt your heart.

The market has been selling ripped jeans for more than a decade now, but some people don’t quite get this fashion trend. And they have every right not to adhere to it.

There are probably millions of people with something like this in their closet right now. The young Tomomi from Yokohama, Japan is also one of them. Her jeans aren’t quite as distressed as these ones, but there were some holes on the knees, too

So naturally, she got her sewing kit out and patched up the hole for the young granddaughter. When Tomomi got home from work, she was in for a big surprise. Some would start yelling at their grandparents at this point, but her reaction was one full of love and understanding.

She thought it was adorable and hilarious at the same time.

When Tomomi shared her grandma’s handiwork and equally adorable smile with the Twitter community, everyone was equally supportive. The “aww” was inevitably heard by many commenters. She got over 70,000 retweets and replies

Some were saying: “You cant throw those jeans away”, and they were totally right.

Can we all clap to this amazing grandma taking care of her little granddaughter like no one else

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