Japanese Man Finds Photos of His Late Father In Google Earth

The loss of a loved one’s life is not easy to grieve from, especially in the case of a close family member.

But, occasionally, we find their photographs or objects that bring back memories.

A man tweeted about a wonderful surprise he had received. Twitter user @TeacherUfo had been bored at home and thought of researching his parents’ house in Google Earth.

As the map was loading, the student was able to walk to the side of the road near his parents’ house and discovered his father, who had died seven years ago, in the vicinity of the home. Further along the street, the driver saw his mother returning to her house after what appeared to be a trip to the grocery store.

When describing his father’s character in his tweet, he stated the man was a gentle but quiet person. In his tweet, He added that he hoped to Google Earth not to delete the photo.

The tweet went viral, with nearly 110,000 people retweeting it as well as 681,000 likes. Numerous other users on Twitter were also inspired to check out Google Earth as well.

One person said she was looking around her parents’ house and came across her father (who died 3 years ago) taking in the laundry.

The user came across a photo of her dog that died due to aging. They reported that the picture brought a smile to their face. They hope the images won’t be deleted.

Source: WorldofBuzz
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