Japanese Researchers Were Able To Test A Petabit Per Second Internet Speeds

Japan’s Network Research Institute, beneath the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), has revealed that they achieved data transfer speeds up to 1.02 Petabit per second using multi-core fiber.

From a perspective, one petabit is equal to one million gigabits. This hints at the future of family internet speeds that could soon quickly be 100,000 quicker than they are now.

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Such speeds will make 8K broadcasting viable worldwide, with no noticeable lags or hiccups.

Now, with 1.02PB of information running over 32 miles per second, average consumers could ship a whopping 127,500GB of data.
This isn’t the only time that petabit net speeds have been tested. During the Tokyo Olympic Games, Intel supervised a broadcast of the 19-day Olympics in Japan, Brazil, and Intel websites with inside the United States.

petabit per second internet speeds
“We are past evidence of concept,” stated Ravindra Velhal, Intel’s 8K lead, and international content generation strategist.

What makes NICT’s state-of-the-art demo unique is that it’s far quicker than preceding tries and grants information on the usage of a popular optic fiber cable. This basically means that such technology could be in our hands way earlier than anyone anticipated.

Source: Live56today

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