Japan’s F-15 Jet Crashed Into Sea And Crew Members Are Still Missing

Reports from the Japanese Air Self Defence Force state that recently, their F-15 jet nose-dived into the Sea on Monday. It happened not long after the jet took to air from the Komatsu Airbase located in the Ishikawa Prefecture.

F-15 fighters at the Air Self-Defense Force base in Komatsu

A part of the fighter that went missing was on its way to training with two crew members at sea, and life-saving equipment was discovered on the sea’s surface, about 5 km west-northwest from the base, The ASDF reported.

If it is confirmed, it will become the first time that an ASDF plane has been involved in a crash into Japan since April of 2019 when the F-35A stealth fighter from Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture in northeastern Japan crashed into the Pacific.

Komatsu Base fighter jet

Jan. 31, 2022, shows Komatsu Air Base

The ASDF is looking for the missing crew using four planes, including a search and rescue helicopter. Japan’s Marine Defense, along with Coast Guard, will be joining the search mission.

The ASDF is also looking into why the plane disappeared from radar following the takeoff at 5:45 p.m.

The Kanazawa Coast Guard Office located in the prefecture of Kanazawa said it got a call simultaneously, describing a red glow off Kaga’s coast. Kaga is close to the base.

Japan's fighter jet crashed

The missing aircraft belonged to an air force squadron, which is used as adversaries in the tactical flight training program, according to ASDF.


Source: Kyodo

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